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University of Iowa

Spring Break 2009

Members of the University of Iowa SCUBA Club will be taking a Spring Break trip to Cozumel Mexico March 14th-19th 2009. The trip will be 6 Days and 5 Nights at the All-Inclusive Iberostar Cozumel Resort. The trip will depart from Chicago O’Hare International on Saturday March 14th and arrive in Cozumel International Airport later that day. We will be returning to Chicago O’Hare international on the evening of Thursday March 19th.

The purpose of this trip is to relax, have fun, and introduce students to the world of diving. Both certified and non-certified divers will be on the

Spring Break 2009 2

trip. Certified divers will be diving for 3 days with other certified divers from the group. Non-certified divers will spend the first 2 days of their trip getting certified. Following their first 2 days, they will join the certified divers for the third and final day of diving.

This trip is booked on a first come, first serve, basis. As checks are turned in, groups of three will be booked through Beach Bum on a Budget Travel. The booking fee will include airfare, travel from airport to hotel and back, hotel, food, and drinks. The sooner the trip is locked in, the better. Check deposits made out to Douglas Buchan are due at the October 2nd 2008 meeting in the amount of $1100. Checks received after this will still be accepted, but prices may rise significantly and the trip is non-refundable. This means if you give me your check, I assume you want me to book the trip. The trip may rise a few hundred dollars and you are still responsible for making up the difference.

The Scuba diving will be provided by Dressel Divers. Dressel is a world renowned diving company and a 5 Star PADI dive center. Dressel in Cozumel is based out of the Iberostar Resort. Each day will have 2 dives, amounting to 6 total over the trip. The possibility of a Night Dive on the last night exists and will be determined on site.


The hotel rooms are in the main resort area. Each room has two double beds and will have 2 club members to a room. Once all those who are going have been booked, the trip members will be divided into rooms based on request and by separate sexes.

Iberostar Cozumel sits on the other side of Playa del Carmen, in the largest island in Mexico: Cozumel. This scuba diving mecca is popular for its two magnificent reefs, Palancar and Santa Rosa Wall, one on each side of this five-star resort. With the water being so clear and the marine life being so rich, it's truly a magical underwater adventure. Cozumel also has many historical sites boasting the Mayan culture. From archeological sites to old temples, this place unfolds like a history lesson. For a little adventure, a little history and a whole lot of fun, Cozumel is the place to be in the Caribbean.

Spring Break 2009 6Iberostar Cozumel is more of a couple's destination. In this cozy, rustic and open-air resort, there aren't your typical standard rooms. Instead, there are little charming bungalows complete with hammocks and private little patios where guests can hang their clothes to air dry after a day at the beach. The atmosphere is like the one of a village, where camaraderie and good conversation is easy to find. There are paved pathways to everywhere, and don't be surprised if a cat or a peacock accompanies you to your destination. Iberostar Cozumel is a great place to enjoy some much deserved quality time. And of course, some of the greatest scuba diving and snorkeling you'll ever experience.

Cozumel in itself is a VERY safe place to travel. The group will most likely go downtown one night during the trip to go shopping and to dinner. Outside of this one group trip, everyone will most likely stay in the resort the entire time. There’s plenty to do.

Before leaving on the trip there’s things you will absolutely need:

-US Passport

-ID Card

-SCUBA Dive log if already certified OR your referral paper to get certified, including PIC form

The rest of the items will be provided to you before you leave (E-Ticket, itinerary, emergency phone numbers, travel voucher, etc).

Trip Pricing:

$1350 per person includes: Airfare, Travel Vouchers to and from Hotel and Airport, Resort, Food, Drinks, Watersports, and more.

Diving Pricing:

$350 For divers getting Certified (2 Days of Certification, 1 of Certified Diving)

$250 For divers renting equipment (3 Days Diving w/ rentals)

$180 For divers w/ equipment (3 Days of diving, no rentals. Tanks and weights provided)

The University of Iowa SCUBA Club is not permitted by the University to travel internationally. This group is being organized by Doug Buchan and has no affiliation with the University of Iowa. Al participants must be University of Iowa SCUBA Club members.

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