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University of Iowa

Rescue Diver

COURSES-RescueDiver1Now the goal is shifted from learning general safe diving to accident management and prevention. The Rescue Diver Course will teach you how to care for yourself and your buddy in case a problem occurs in the water. The Course is made in the classroom, pool, and open water, and is full of exciting, fun rescue scenarios to teach you how to remain calm and address potentially dangerous situations. When you want to be able to help if your buddy encounters a problem, this course is the step for you to take, and the first big step into the rewarding world of assisting fellow divers.

  • Must have a PADI Advanced Open Water Certification (or equivalent certification from another organization)
  • Also Must have a Current CPR Certification (can, but doesn’t have to be Emergency First Responder)
  • Learn to treat Tired Divers, Panic Divers, Unconscious Divers, and most other emergency situations
  • Learn more theory behind dive accidents and prevention
  • Next step towards Divemaster / Master Scuba Diver
  • Increases Confidence to anticipate, prevent and manage potential diving accidents
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