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Still looking for someone interested in spending 3-4 hours a week to get the club started again! Message us!

University of Iowa

Monthly Meetings

The University of Iowa Scuba Club meetings are generally short but informative once monthly events. These monthly meetings are generally low key evenings during which members learn about upcoming Scuba Club events and activities and have a chance to voice their opinions and ask questions.

These meetings are generally short and are meant to keep members up to date in the club and take care of important sign ups and decisions.

At the end of each meeting, the Scuba Club officers provide a brief knowledge tutorial on a chosen scuba related item. Past knowledge tutorials have included: Filling out dive logs correctly, How to use a digital camera underwater, shooting HD video, and more.

The meetings are sometimes followed by sub meetings for those going on trips, outings, and more.

It’s encouraged that members attend our meetings to be eligible for raffles, giveaways, and eligibility for full member benefits in the club.


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