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University of Iowa

Scuba Club Equipment

The University of Iowa Scuba Club owns certain gear, as permitted by our charter, for our members to use. The club isn’t allowed to purchase Scuba Diving equipment that individuals can use for their diving, but we were able to purchase certain equipment for underwater use.

The club now owns a myriad of equipment that promotes learning, skills, and new experiences underwater and above.

SeaLife DC1000 Underwater Digital Camera

Colorful tropical fish, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters all come together; creating the perfect vivid setting to capture your memories. SeaLife brings all the true colors of the water and the world to your photographs. SeaLife's new DC1000 10-megapixel camera now has features specifically designed to allow for the best possible photographs, both in and out of the water.

The newest addition to the SeaLife line debuts the Easy Set-up mode - a graphic on-screen guide that takes the guess work out of setting up the camera for great pictures on land or underwater. The DC1000 includes four new specially designed underwater modes that make it simple and easy to take perfect pictures in any water setting and its updated design includes an ergonomic design, large shutter button and well-spaced buttons make the camera easy to handle and user-friendly.

SeaLife Underwater Digital Flash

Sooner or later, divers realize that adding an external flash produces the brightest, sharpest, most colorful underwater pictures. The DC1000 Pro includes the camera, wide angle lens and Digital Pro Flash in a lightweight travel case.

Set the camera to Ext Flash Auto mode for automatic exposure control with the Digital Pro Flash, resulting in vibrant colors and reduced backscatter. The Ext Flash Manual mode offers advanced UW photographers manual aperture and shutter speed controls.

Quick shutter response for fast action photography. Long lasting lithium battery for all day of diving. Automatic focus from 2" to infinity. Large format continuous video recording with sound. Depth tested to 200ft. Fully rubber armored for shock protection.


JVC HD-10 HD Camcorder for Underwater Housing

The JVC-HD 10 camcorder is a top of the line personal camcorder that shoots and records in full 1080p HDTV. The camcorder can record up to 16 hours of HD Video and uses a 3 hour battery. The camcorder features an HDMI port on the back for direct output to an HDTV as well as a USB output to transfer the video to a computer for editing. The camera works using a built in hard drive to store video and still photos at the same time.

Ikelite JVC-HD Underwater Video Housing

Molded of clear polycarbonate to provide seamless construction and corrosion proof performance. This "Clearly Superior" design provides full view of the camcorder, control functions, and assurance the system is safe up to 200 feet (60 meters). The housing with camera installed is very slightly negative in salt-water for stability.

The system's compact size and weight make it a breeze to travel with. A complete housing and camera combination weighs only about 8 pounds (3.6 kg). The housing with base and handle assembly measures only 11" (27cm) wide; 8" (20cm) high; and 8" (20cm) deep.

The camera's large viewing screen can be seen easily through the housing back. All important camera controls are provided. White balance can be adjusted through the camera's menus.

The base removes instantly with a unique toggle clamp for traveling or attaching of the optional Pro Video-Lite 3 battery pack. The handle assembly detaches from the housing by removal of just two nuts for packing.

Housing Features:

  • Rear-view LCD Monitor
  • Power on/off/mode Control
  • Record start/stop
  • Zoom control
  • Menu Button
  • Snapshot Control
  • Mode Switch Control
  • Joystick Controls
  • Lens Cover Control
  • Removable external UR/Pro Filter


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