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Still looking for someone interested in spending 3-4 hours a week to get the club started again! Message us!

University of Iowa

About Us

The University of Iowa Scuba Club was founded in 1999 as a Student Organization at the University of Iowa. The club grew quickly in popularity and the Scuba Club took their first Spring Break trip to Palm Springs Florida in 1999.

The club continued to run as a member of the Office of Student Life until Fall 2007. In the fall of 2007 the Scuba Club became a Sports Club and was moved to the Division of Recreational Services under new club leadership.

During the first two years in Recreational Services the Scuba Club purchased its first club equipment using member dues. The club purchased and immediately began using its new underwater digital camera and underwater HD video camera. The club also made numerous incidental purchases like promotional items and an external hard drive to maintain files, videos, and photos from year to year.

The club also took their first Spring Break trip since 1999 in 2007. The club has gone on a Spring Break trip each year since then, and it continues to be a popular experience with attendance between 15 and 30 divers each year.

With the Scuba Club growing in popularity and its name becoming more widely recognized, the University began asking the Scuba Club for help on specialty projects around campus. The Club was glad to help and is now the go-to group for underwater related maintenance and jobs around the University.

The club continues to grow and becomes more and more popular each year. We continue to add events, classes, and trips to our calendar to appease our ever growing member base. The opportunities to get involved are endless.


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